I am writing this blog to support students at the E-Act Academy who want to learn to program in Python. The Programming Club will be up and running very soon.

First, here are some places where you can get software and information.

To download the language, you need to go to this page.

Please download the most recent version of Python 3 (Python 2 was quite different, so it will cause errors if you try to run the code we will be writing with the older version).

I am using this book: Python Programming for the Absolute Beginner.

All the programs in the book can be downloaded free here.

There’s a nice free tutorial called A Byte of Python. The link points at the pdf file.

That’s all for now.


(Team Python)


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One Response to “Welcome”

  1. Kindalf Says:

    Hi Guys ….. thank you for this blog it’s allowed me to run down versions of Puppy Linux for the Pi – although I now have a fair number of the files I need I’m still missing that crucial iso file to create a bootable wary puppy sd image from the “virtual” raspberry pi to the real deal so that I can at last use the Pi for what it was intended for Programming in Python !

    This Pi project is really bringing back memories of the 80’s – the frustrations, the high’s, the low’s and that “on top of the world feeling” when the cantankerous ,,,, useless kit finally does do what it was told to do !

    I can’t wait to get a crack at programming the Quantum Computer

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