Try out Linux

If you want to use the Raspberry Pi computer, you are going to need to learn a bit about Linux.

Basically, Linux Distributions (or “Distros”) are free, open-source, operating systems.

You can run them from a DVD, CD or USB. You can also install them alongside Windoze on your PC. At home, I have an ancient laptop running Wary Puppy (a great distro for older machines) and a dual boot Windoze / Debian set-up on my PC.

The easiest way to get started is to download the .iso file for the latest Fedora distribution. You then need to burn the .iso to a CD. Then, when you boot up your computer from the CD, it will go into Fedora (without doing anything at all to your Windows installation). You can have a play with it and see what you think.

Linux distros usually come with Python built-in (although it will usually be Python 2; installing Python 3 is pretty easy though). If you have your own computer, you might want to install a Linux distro alongside Windows and use that to practice programming.

Linux is faster than Windows, isn’t vulnerable to viruses and won’t fragment its drives. And that’s just three ways it’s better than Windows!



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