C++ (just for a bit of fun, back to Python later).

Okay, I know I should try to stick to one thing, but you know how it is. You get reading about computer languages and then, the next thing you know, you’re saving a file with a .cpp extension and getting all excited watching it compile. This is just a little bit of code I copied out of a book that does the area of a rectangle. Cute though. And I can’t seem to stop myself posting up screenshots from my sexy little laptop!


(now, where did I put that book on HTML …?)


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2 Responses to “C++ (just for a bit of fun, back to Python later).”

  1. meltwater Says:

    Using the RacyPy2 iso, do you have to install anything extra for it to compile? I get /bin/sh: g++ : command not found

    Would be great to have it as part of the live iso.

  2. antiloquax Says:

    The compiling tools are in the file called “devx_racy_5.2.2.sfs”. It’s in the iso. To get it working, it’s best to copy it to mnt/home (I’m assuming you’ve done a frugal install). Then choose menu > system > Boot Manager and there’s a button that let’s you choose sfs files to load at the top of the dialogue box. Simply add the devx and reboot.
    By the way, if you are new to Puppy Linux, the forum at http://murga-linux.com/puppy/index.php is really good. (I am antiloquax there also!)

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