Programmer Tips

If you are getting into programming, you might want to consider a proper editor rather than using the Python IDE (Integrated Development Environment).

Top computer programmers use advanced text editors to write their code. It’s not a good idea to use word processing software, as this puts all kinds of formatting information into your files.

My sources tell me that two of the best editors around are Geany and Vim.

Geany is a nice simple piece of software that you will find easy to use. It’s a great idea to get used to using Geany rather than the Python IDE. Geany can do lots of things that the Python editor can’t. For instance, if you want to have a go at programming in C++ or Java, Geany will make it easy to do so and to run your programs.

If you are up for more of a challenge, you might consider Vim. Many people consider Vim to be the most powerful editor available. It certainly is packed with useful features. If you want to have a go, you might find this free book helpful: A Byte of Vim.

One thing that will certainly help you become a better programmer is to learn to type. This site has some nice free lessons.

Happy Coding



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  1. adi saputra Says:

    Nice Article…

    thanks for share..

  2. antiloquax Says:

    Thanks for stopping by Adi!

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