Why should I try Puppy Linux?

I am not going to try to convince you to give up on Windows or Mac Operating Systems, I just wanted to do a post about my favourite Linux distribution: Puppy Linux.

Here are some of the reasons why it is worth learning how to use Linux.

1. The Raspberry Pi will come with a Linux operating system (I think the closest thing to the RPi version is probably this: Fedora Spin LXDE). Since a lot of us may be waiting a while for our Raspberry Pis, why not get used to using Linux while you are waiting?


2. Linux is Open Source. You don’t have to pay for a Linux operating system. You don’t have to pay if you want to upgrade to a newer version. You don’t have to bother with licences, security keys, activation and so on. You are in control of what happens on your machine. Also we have this lovely mascot, Tux!

3. Linux is much less vulnerable to viruses.

4. Linux file-systems don’t fragment as much as Windows – so you don’t need to defragment your hard-drive.

5. Linux systems usually run faster than Windows. This may not be the case if you go for one of the big distributions (like Ubuntu), but if you use a lightweight version (like Puppy), you will find your machine boots and operates much faster.

6. Linux systems can bring old computers back to life. Becuase they are smaller and faster, you can put Linux distros on a machine that couldn’t cope with Windows 7 and find that you can still do all the things you want to do.

7. You can use Linux to rescue your system. If your Windows machine won’t boot and you can’t fix it (or can’t wait for someone else to) you can still get at all your files. Just boot from a Linux live cd and you can access your data and put it somewhere safe.

8. Linux is easy to use. Some people will tell you that you have to be some kind of computer genius to use Linux. This is not the case. You can use a Linux system and make it work perfectly just by using the point-and-click approach. You don’t need to go near the command line unless you want to …

9. Linux has a massive online community of well-informed, helpful, users. I would guess that every Linux distribution has its own forum. People on there will be happy to help you if you do have any problems. For instance, this is the forum for Puppy users.

Well, I hope that you will give Linux a try. In case you missed it, you can find Puppy Linux here.

Or, if you prefer, you can try my remix of Racy Puppy – set up especially for Raspberry Pi fans.



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6 Responses to “Why should I try Puppy Linux?”

  1. russoodle Says:

    Good post, antiloquax.

    I haven’t run an M$ OS on any of my machines for about 5 years now and i don’t miss it, the malware or the temperamental BSOD’s one little bit.

    I graduated to a Mac but it wasn’t long before i found Puppy, so i still use OSX sometimes but Puppy’s my particular ‘pet’ and i’ve also used it several times to save data from friends’ stuffed-up systems…..long live the lightweight and versatile Puppy!

    The iMac is a 64-bit system, so i’ve run both Fatdog-64 and Lighthouse Pup 64 on it, with persistent usb frugal installs, in addition to my ever-expanding litter of 32-bit pups.


  2. antiloquax Says:

    Thanks for your comment and the blog follow russoodle!

  3. JAY-Q Says:

    That’s for the knowledge im new and the IT world.but (I LOVE IT) A LOT. love the different languages programming. And python will be the first one l learn and also hardware my name will b none one day

  4. Jakob Says:

    So this is “Why you should try Linux,” with nothing Puppy-specific. Why do you like Puppy the best?

  5. antiloquax Says:

    Fair point! Although I did mention that Puppy is a lightweight distro that runs on older machines and the brilliant online community at Murga Linux. Those are the key reasons why I prefer Puppy.

  6. madismetsala Says:

    Puppy is one of the best live usb operating systems. Am I the only one who gets turned on by the fact that its possible to run operating system from a pendrive?

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