C++ (and other things) in RacyPy2

If you want to compile in RacyPy2, you need to load the devx file.

It is on the cd (it’s called “devx_racy_5.2.2.sfs”).

If you want to compile you’ll need to do a frugal install (this is quite simple and if you need some help, go to the Puppy Linux forum, or leave me a comment).

Then you need to put the devx file in your /mnt/home folder.

Then choose Menu > System > BootManager.

Click on the button at the top that mentions sfs files. Your devx file should appear in the list on the left. Click it and add it to the list on the right. Then reboot the machine and you will be able to compile.

There is one little problem with this – when you load the devx it will break the script that launches the Python2 IDLE when you click on this snake on the desktop.

I will sort this out for the next release. In the meantime all you need to do is download this .pet (choose open with PetGet) and it will fix the problem!

Happy compiling!




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