Would you keep a Puppy in a VirtualBox?

Here are some links to some sites that help if you want to do this. I haven’t read all of them (yet), but I hope they are useful.

Simple text file with instructions.

Dad’s Virtual Place (blog).

AKS – Feel the Change.

Don’t forget that it will do NOTHING to your Windows installation if you boot into Puppy as in a Live Session.  You don’t need to install anything or make any changes to your hard drive.

Most PCs are set up to boot from the CD by default. So just put the CD in and reboot. If you have a different boot sequence, you’ll probably know how to get to the boot device selection menu (there’s usually a message at startup – it’s often F9, F12 or F2).

Puppy will then boot in a “Live Session”.

Puppy will not even mount your hard-drives drives unless you ask it to. If you like Puppy, you can choose to make a frugal installation, install to a USB stick, or just save a file with your settings (so that you can boot from the CD next time without losing your work or any changes you’ve made).

Have fun!

Any more questions, try the Murga Linux Forum!


Update: I found this worked quite easily, although I did have to enable PAE.  Maybe an older Linux kernel wouldn’t need this.

I chose: make new machine > Linux > Other Linux > 256mb memory > New Disk  > VDI  > Dynamically Allocated > 1GB .

Then I went into Settings > System > Processor and enables PAE. Finally I started it and chose the iso file as my installation media.


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